Why TRI?

TRI's leading the way in advanced healing.

Treat injuries at the source, age gracefully, and engage in life's adventures. 
You deserve the healthiest, active life possible. TRI's here to help you maximize your potential. 




"Prior to treatment- my neck pain was a 8-10. I was miserable. Treatments by Dr. Pasma gave me my life back." 

"I've always had a small bald patch on my head. I've seen providers before and no real solutions were offered. I did one treatment of BioRenew PTM Therapy and finally got the results I've wanted."

"Migraines have dominated my life. I've tried Botox, chiropratic, physical therapy. Getting Nerve Hydrodysection and Regenerative Injections finally gave me relief." 

"I woke up one morning with sudden and extreme pain in my lower back. I could barely move. I called the office and Dr. Pasma fit me into his already packed schedule. The care and his willingness to fit me in with such urgency was a gift. I left with much greater mobility and pain free."