Male Sexual Health

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Pursue spontaneous.

More men struggle with erectile dysfunction than you know-- most suffer silently or take a pill. Want a different option? TRI uses cutting edge treatments for ED that target connective tissues associated with underlying problems of the conditions. TRI is here to help promote lifelong sexual vitality through safe and highly effective regenerative treatments. We understand the role sexual health plays in our most intimate and important relationships and are excited to offer the latest techniques.

Conditions Treated

Erectile Dysfunction

Our procedures are:

Little to no down time
Completed with local anesthesia for patient comfort


Are you interested in Stem Cell Therapy? The TRI Regenerative Advantage


Tri-Cities Regenerative Institute (TRI) uses the only FDA registered PTM product intended to treat tendon, ligament, cartilage and bone injuries.  PTM Therapy® is a cutting-edge, next-generation procedure that targets the body’s damaged or missing connective tissue at the area of injury with a complete biologic solution. The extracellular matrix is the interconnected system of Collagens, Growth Factors, and Bioactive molecules that provides the structural foundation for our body’s tissues and biochemical support to the surrounding cells. 

PTM has been shown to:

Reduce Inflammation
Support Tissue Remodeling
Avoid Scar Formation