Knee arthritis? TRI offers advanced solutions.

Knee arthritis, sometimes referred to as “wear and tear” arthritis, results from the consistent pounding knees take as we age.  Over time, padding in the knee, known as cartilage, deteriorates and the bones within the knee start to rub together.   The pain, swelling, and stiffness of this condition take their toll on an active lifestyle.

If you suffer from knee arthritis, you’ve probably tried steroid injections, ice, anti-inflammatory medications, lifestyle changes, and physical therapy. Or, perhaps, you’ve taken it to the next level- surgery. In fact, nearly 2 million arthroscopic knee surgeries occur globally each year and costs US medical consumers alone an estimated $3 billion. With this volume of surgeries and money spent, great outcomes should be expected.  That is not the case.

An article in  the peer-reviewed medical journal BMJ reviewed 13 studies from 1,700 cases and revealed that less than 15% of patients reported a reduction in pain symptoms after three months post surgery. Moreover, the cost of an arthroscopic surgery averages around $10,000. Are you interested in better results at lower cost?

Tri-Cities Regenerative Institute (TRI) specializes in regenerative injections, a cutting edge solution for knee pain.  These minimally-invasive procedures target the injured area and activate the bodies’ innate ability to heal.  Specifically, we are excited to bring BioRenew PTM Therapy, as a premier treatment option.  This game changer is a complete biologic solution that has been shown to restore, regrow, and renew cartilage in the knee. The all-natural formula combines highly concentrated growth factors, collagen, and bioactive ingredients to address the underlying condition.

Clinical results show that one treatment of BioRenew PTM Therapy shows significant improvements in pain relief- 10 out of 11 patients report significant symptom reduction. Even more impressive, the improvements continue to get better at the three month mark and beyond.

The process for BioRenew PTM Therapy is straight forward. Following a complete review of the injury, a local anesthetic will be applied to the selected area. From there, our physicians will use ultrasound guidance to precisely inject the injured or damaged cartilage. The total time of the visit will be around 30 minutes- that’s it. Ready to see which procedure is right for you?


Ryan Kiely